6 months goa the best

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Survey is not a typical critic season. Sep 23,  · My family and I are very confused to when the best month to visit Goa is.

The best time to visit Goa

We were first planning to visit in April. Months/Seasons to Visit Goa 1. So there you go, for you, the best months would have to be from October to February.

If you want to avoid the peak tourist season, you can visit during October or November, as these months.

10 Best Hotels in Goa

Find Budget, Cheap or Luxury Fully Customized Goa Tour Package with hotels in Goa, nearby places to visit and local sightseeing in cabs, flight tickets or bus trip for your Goa tour packages. 6 months here in Goa are coming to an end; wow - the time was really flying!

The season is ending also, many shops and restaurants shut down already, while the temperatures are rising every day. The coming monsoon is showing its hot side.

Everyone is waiting for the rain to. 6 Months Goa – The Best, The Good, The Ugly 6 months here in Goa are coming to an end; wow – the time was really flying! The season is ending also, many shops and restaurants shut down already, while the temperatures are rising every day.

Jun 12,  · What is your experience with staying on a tourist visa in Goa, India for 6 months and then doing a visa run to Nepal or Sri Lanka for another 6 months? For US citizens there is no "cooling off" period like there used to be (the 2 month period) but.

The best time to visit Goa or The most popular time to travel to Goa The best time to travel to Goa is between November and March, when the weather is dry and relatively cool, the sea is calm and clear, and all the facilities, from resorts and restaurants to beach shacks and parties, are open for business.

6 months goa the best
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