A study on porosity the best known physical characteristic of an oil reservoir

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V. General Reservoir Characteristics The reservoir characteristics of Brown shale are vastly different from those of typical oil- and gas-producing lemkoboxers.comty. porosity profiles of this study with conventional density Reservoir and hydrocarbon characteristics Cupps and Fry () report that Park City and Tensleep oils collected in had API gravities of 29° and a porosity of 15 percent, the oil reservoir rock is.

During primary development, the economic base of the reservoir is normally defined as the producing oil/water contact, or the level at which oil and water are first coproduced. This level is generally assumed to be at approximately 50% water saturation, according to relative permeability considerations.

The petroleum geologist must stay focused on the porosity and permeability of the prospective reservoir. Porosity consists of the tiny spaces in the rock that hold the oil or gas. Permeability is a characteristic that allows the oil and gas to flow through the rock.

Porosity and Permeability

• It is oil-prone, with a high yield (up to 80%; yield is the volume of hydrocarbon generated for a given volume of source rock). • It is derived mainly from an algal source, which formed in lacustrine and/or lagoonal environments (an algal-prone source).

Accurate estimation of permeability is essential in reservoir characterization and in determining fluid flow in porous media which greatly assists optimize the production of a field.

A study on porosity the best known physical characteristic of an oil reservoir
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