Advances in data storage technology

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2018 Data Storage Market Overview

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How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

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Cloud computing

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Texas A&M-Led Team Doubles Down on Energy Storage with Novel Metal-Oxide Magnesium Battery

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File System. StorNext®, a combination of a high-speed, parallel file system and data management software, was created to solve the daunting problem of sharing, preserving, and analyzing massive volumes of unstructured data.

Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, refers to computer components and recording media that retain digital data used for computing for some interval of time.

Computer data storage provides one of the core functions of the modern computer, that of information retention. Perhaps the most damning piece of evidence, according to Brynjolfsson, is a chart that only an economist could love.

In economics, productivity—the amount of economic value created for a given. The four key technical trends responsible for current ethical stresses related to information technology are doubling of computer power every 18 months, declining data storage costs, data analysis advances, networking advances and the Internet.

Advances in Electricity-Storage Technology. Utility Dive: PacifiCorp looks to keep coal plant data permanently private.

7 September, Energy majors to cooperate on offshore wind development in Japan. 7 September, More News; Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. Software-defined storage is a set of software capabilities that automatically manage data locally and globally, providing breakthrough speed in data access, easier administration and the ability to scale technology infrastructures quickly and more cost-effectively as data volumes expand.

Advances in data storage technology
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