B7 4 textbook scanned

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Similarly, the Fig. 4 shows the protocol of B7, where the student has represented correct responses to the situations, reflecting an appropriate level of conceptualization. Figure 3 Protocol of the student A16 related to the Situation 4, where she/he has drawn the pendulum motion when the bike turns.

Textbook open, he looked for all the world like a well-behaved student who hadn't been sleeping until five minutes before Angelica interrupted the class. "Thank you, class president," said Heinrich huffily, in an attempt to restore his lost control of the class.

Feb 20,  · The classic textbook for geological image analysis, including satellite imagery, is Drury S. A. (). Image Interpretation in Geology, 3rd ed. Nelson Thornes Ltd, United Kingdom. pp.

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B7 4 textbook scanned
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