Benefits of physical education

Benefits Of Gym Class in School

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The Importance of Physical Education

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Brief History of Physical Education

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See below how does with PE are times more like to work outside of school. The Arrow website URL is and will continue to be good:. Creating a physical activity program for schools is vital for our long term health. There are many health benefits to a good physical education program.

If physical activity becomes a habit formed in childhood, studies show it will carry forth for years to come giving more adults a healthier lifestyle. Physical education(PE) is the most powerful (and unappreciated) 'medicine' for present and future health issues - For the body, mind and spirit.

When you look at the section below and some of the quotes from respected world organizations, you can see why we say nothing is better than physical education. Experts agree that physical activity is essential to young people, and physical education helps instill the importance of playing sports and being active.

That’s why The First Tee National School Program introduces golf, values and healthy habits to elementary students during PE classes.

Physical education can counteract major risk factors of coronary heart disease: obesity, inactivity and high blood pressure.

Physical Activity Facts

I mproved physical fitness: A good program improves children's muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, body composition (fat-to-muscle ratio) and cardiovascular endurance. The benefits of yoga align with the osteopathic approach to wellness, tuning into your body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing.

Physical therapy education varies greatly from country to country. Worldwide, physical therapy training ranges from basic work site education in hospitals and outpatient clinics to professional doctoral degree and masters programs.

Benefits of physical education
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Physical Education