Document.write alternative jquery append

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Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

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Modifying the document

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Developing Backbone.js Applications

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Technically, when is called while the browser is still reading HTML, it appends something to it, and the browser consumes it just as it were initially there. That gives us the upside – it works blazingly fast, because there’s no DOM modification.

Insert in place without So here’s the situation: you want to syndicate some content using JavaScript to pull in the data (like AdWords or similar programs).

Make sure to use the .append() jQuery function to add your to the body of your HTML document.

jQuery Coding Standards and Best Practices guide for helping programmers write better jQuery code. The appendChild() method appends a node as the last child of a node.

Tip: If you want to create a new paragraph, with text, remember to create the text as a Text node which you append to the paragraph, then append the paragraph to the document.

Document.write alternative jquery append
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