Federal grants

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Government Grant Scams

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Two grant programs ex. The lemkoboxers.com mission is to inform the general public about federal grants offered by the United States government. We strive to provide accurate information on how to find and qualify for a grant, how to apply for a grant, and how to proceed once you are approved. The Federal government uses two kinds of grants: Grants awarded by an agency of the Federal government (also known as ‘discretionary’ grants)—for instance, a homeless assistance grant given out by the Department of Health and Human Services to a homeless shelter.

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Grants to Modernize America’s Bus Infrastructure. FTA announces $ million to improve bus service, upgrade facilities. Note: Release of New Year funds is contingent upon the following: District Funding Assurances completed in GMAP, District Funding Assurances Statement uploaded in GMAP by the superintendent (not the designee), Federal Cash Request Statement of Assurances uploaded in GMAP and an approved GMAP application (Consolidated, IDEA and Perkins).

FUNDING APPLICATIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE. It's a documented fact that Billions of Dollars in Free Money are donated every year by American Corporate Giving Programs, Foundations other Charitable Institutions, Individuals, and Other Agencies. NOTE: Students are selected on a case by case basis for verification of their major.

Upon receiving the TEACH Grant Application the Financial Aid & Scholarships office will contact the student via email if the TEACH Grant Major Verification form must be completed and submitted to the office.

Federal grants
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Grants for Single Mothers to go to College: Free Grants for Single Moms