In my grandfather s footsteps

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In My Grandfather's Footsteps

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My grandfather’s footsteps became the legacy passed down to me. Even though he has been gone 46 years, I’m still following in them.


I don’t have a farm, but I still want to leave footsteps, a legacy in which my grandsons can follow. Living abroad is a great way to see your roots, and walking in my grandfather's childhood footsteps in Wakayama, Japan, was the ultimate experience.

Consider This: In my grandfather’s footsteps

My grandfather's death was the first to hit our family in my generation. He suffered from Alzheimer's Disease, so I never had a close relationship with him. He suffered from Alzheimer's Disease, so I never had a close relationship with him. My grandfather died of bone marrow cancer at the age of sixty years old.

It was a long, painful death; he was ill with this cancer for over 15 years. All the knowledge he possessed about medicine, all the experiences he had with patients, and all the lives he paved, could not save his own.

In My Grandfather’s Footsteps: A Worthwhile Summer Spent at EPA Every summer, EPA brings in students to work, learn practical environmental skills, and enhance their educational experience through our Pathways Intern Big Blue Thread is proud to feature several blogs written by these interns, focusing on what motivates.

Naomi's tenth novel The Devil in Jerusalem has been chosen by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency as the number one Jewish book of the season. The story - inspired by true events - is a chilling tale of the paths that so easily lead us astray, and the darkness within us all.

In My Grandfather's Footsteps In my grandfather s footsteps
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In My Grandfather’s Footsteps - Naomi Ragen נעמי רגן