Lead styphnate sythesis

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Lead styphnate synthesis

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Styphnic acid

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Lead styphnate

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styphnate with safer chemicals that do not contain toxic heavy metals. Virtually all commercially available primers today use either lead styphnate or lead azide as the primary explosive.

Graphene nanoplatelet–lead styphnate composites (GLS) were prepared either by adding graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) to the reaction solution or by coating normal lead styphnate (LS) with GNP. The composites exhibited excellent anti-electrostatic performance with.

styphnate with safer chemicals that do not contain toxic heavy metals. Virtually all commercially available primers today use either lead styphnate or lead azide as the primary explosive. For this reason, when used as a primary explosive, it is usually mixed with lead styphnate, a substance particularly easy to ignite, or a charge of lead azide in a detonator is covered with a layer of lead styphnate.

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Lead styphnate sythesis
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