My best vacation was last summer

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June Writing Contest: My Best (Or Worst) Summer Vacation — Congrats, John C.

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My best/worst summer vacation:

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#2 in Best Family Summer Vacations With family-friendly resorts, warm temperatures and fewer crowds in the summer, the Bahamas is a solid family vacation spot. Many island hotels feature kids clubs, water sports equipment for rent and massive pool and water park areas that appeal to kids.

Last Summer Vacation 5 Paragraph. Do you remember that feeling you'd get on the last day of school?

June Writing Contest: My Best (Or Worst) Summer Vacation — Congrats, John C.

Remember how excited you'd be to finally get to do those summer things like ride bikes with your friends, stay up all night planning pranks, and chasing down the ice cream man after dinner? These are just a few of my favorite memories from those long summer days.

Summer of in Austria’s Tyrol region stands out for me as the best summer vacation of my life. Having spent the season in more cosmopolitan destinations skywalking, surfing and souk-hopping, the Tyrolean vibe was a welcome change.

It was the most amazing week of my life. the wonderful experience included beautiful beaches, incredible parties and meeting interesting people. To conclude, this vacation was the best i've ever had, possibly due to the fact this was the last school vacation of my life.

Ahmed Juhar Ms. Churchill English 2, Period 4 08/22/ My summer vacation This summer was the best summer ever, I had the happiest time of my life. I just moved from Ethiopia which was really awesome, after I came here I went to the boardwalk in Santa Cruz and at last I went to raging water which was the coolest water park ever.

- Last summer my friends and I packed up and took a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The excitement of the strip and the relaxation of the beach allured me to this particular vacation spot.

If you are looking for an entertaining and relaxing way to spend the .

My best vacation was last summer
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