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The Othello Response: Conquering Jealousy, Betrayal and Rage in Your Relationship

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response to Othello

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AP ENGLISH LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION FREE-RESPONSE QUESTION Question 2 In the following passage from Act 4 of Othello (), Desdemona converses with her friend Emilia, wife of Iago, after Othello has accused her of unfaithfulness.

Its racial challenges seem to have made Othello very controversial, yet popular (Gallery ). Issues of casting the lead role only with black actors in the lead have been debated recently, particularly since Olivier's film (Gallery ).

janskii – Othello Response. Mr. jannski Othello Response After reading “Othello” by William Shakespeare i found it to be a very intriguing story that contained great details and imagery. The Monster in the Moor Andrew Stesienko College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina Through this “mixed response” to Othello and Iago, Shakespeare forces his audience to both identify with and against his hybrid characters, allowing viewers insight to.

In the opening scene Iago refers to Othello as ‘the thick-lips’ () and later he raises a toast to ‘the health of black Othello’ ().

Through these and other comments we learn that Othello is a black African of sub-Saharan origin. Othello Response After reading “Othello” by William Shakespeare i found it to be a very intriguing story that contained great details and imagery.

This tale also includes a fascinating plot line. I can relate to the text in this story very well.

Response to othello
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Lesson Plan: Othello by William Shakespeare