Sociolinguistics in alalak island

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Sociolinguistic Research

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Journal of Sociolinguistics

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An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Ethnographies - Words Genie the Wild Child - Words Chiu-Chow-Cantonese Code-Switching Within a Hnog Kong Domestic Discourse.

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Nowadays there is a lot of research on code-switching phenomenon within three main perspectives which include: linguistics, sociolinguistics, and more recently, psycholinguistics. On the basis of these perspectives, various universal models and theories on CS and CM have been proposed and formulated.

Sociolinguistics in Alalak Island. Topics: Language, This research is taken place in Sewangi Island, Alalak, South Kalimantan. Alalak is one of the regions in South Kalimantan. Mostly, the people in Alalak are Banjarese which uses Banjarese as their first language.

Sociolinguistics in Alalak Island. dialect, or, in some instances, even the choice of a single word.

The Guidebook to Sociolinguistics

According to Fishman, for instance, socially, the language use involves “Who speaks, what language, to whom, when and where” (Fishman, ). Sociolinguistic is the study of language.

Sociolinguistics in alalak island
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