Speech critique sermon

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Acts 7 – Stephen’s Speech

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Dec 05,  · Sarah Roe Introduction to Public Speaking December 5, Dr. Price Speech Analysis Assignment Pastor Rod Cooper A.) I choose to do my speech analysis of a sermon performed by Pastor Rod Cooper on December 2, at New London Christian Church.

Abstract: This essay argues that current forms of sermon evaluation tend to reinforce preaching as singular event of the isolated preacher, rather than as a communal, dialogical, and. A sermon that is trapped and cannot transcend the context is not a sermon in my book.

Sermons are those declarations of Good News that speak to the context but then transcend it.

Criteria for Evaluating Informative Speakers

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Critiquing the critique of a critique: a reply to Glen Scrivener

Speech Critique: Sermon Essay It was obvious he prepared extensively for his performance and it made his message that much more memorable. He explained to us that he was visiting from Trenton, NJ so it was nice to have a different perspective, a fresh take on things.

A Study of the Book of James Sermon # 6 “Taming the Tongue.” James When was the last time your mouth got you in trouble? Have you ever said some-thing that you.

Speech critique sermon
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