Top 50 megatrends in technology

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Megatrends 2030 I 6 Global Megatrends that Matter in Business Strategy!

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The 3 Most Investable Technology Megatrends of 2018

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Global megatrends - Statistics & Facts

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Top 10 Technologies in Sensors & Instrumentation 2018

The roadmap is an overview for everyone to ask the big ideas. Be sure to check out the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for Technology is constantly evolving and maturing. It moves from a nascent, undefined entity to one that is widely accepted and becomes so commonplace that we wonder how we ever functioned without it.

Sep 23,  · At least 50% of consumers will use 2 or more devices in their purchase process. Sites must be mobile-friendly. -IBM Tweet this; One half of all local searches are conducted on mobile.

Five megatrends will alter the way manufacturers do business and further increase their value to society. 1. The new industrial revolution: This era’s been called the third industrial revolution and for good reason: We live in a time of exponential growth in technology, with manufacturers leading the way.

(2DS) is the main focus of Energy Technology Perspectives. It limits the total remaining cumulative energy-related CO 2 emissions between and to 1 GtCO 2. The technology and innovation research report covers the top 10 Sensors and Instrumentation technologies that will have highest impact in the near-to medium-term.

The U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics was commissioned to identify the current challenges and necessary future capabilities of the industry.

It projects out to how the industry will need to adapt its technology, practices and workforce to keep pace with the demands of change.

Top 50 megatrends in technology
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Megatrends I 6 Global Megatrends that Matter in Business Strategy!