William grant still

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William Grant Still

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William Grant Still

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William Grant Still

Aside help improve this section by using citations to reliable sources. They had two ideas. Biographical notes on the life and career of American classical composer, William Grant Still. William Still (October 7, – July 14, ) Notable members of the Still family include the composer William Grant Still, professional WNBA basketball player Valerie Still, professional NFL defensive end Art Still, and professional NFL defensive tackle Devon Still.

William Grant Still was a gifted conductor and composer, and the first African American to have major productions of both a symphony () and opera ().Born: May 11, William Grant Still was a gifted conductor and composer, and the first African American to have major productions of both a symphony () and opera ().

Learn more about his life and career Born: May 11, WILLIAM GRANT STILL MUSIC CDs and other Recordings, Sheet Music, and Archival and Educational Materials THE MASTER-PLAYER LIBRARY (Links to the left) Books, DVDs, Music Gifts and Memorabilia TROUBLEDISLAND (Link to the left) About the first grand opera by an African-American.

William Grant Still was born on May 11,in Woodville, Mississippi, the only son of William Grant Still Sr. and Carrie Lena Fambro Still.

William Still

Still’s mother moved to Little Rock with her infant son shortly after the death of her husband in

William grant still
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